LeadBuddy Releases iPhone Compatible Premium Lightning Cable On Amazon

LeadBuddy Releases iPhone Compatible Premium Lightning Cable On Amazonhttp://www.foxwilmington.com/story/34232561/leadbuddy-releases-iphone-compatible-premium-lightning-cable-on-amazon


Huntington NY, United States – January 11, 2017 /PressCable/

To address the increasing consumer demand for a better quality iPhone Lightning Cable for the mobile consumer, LeadBuddy has recently released the Lightning Cable to USB for Apple iPhone in three new and exciting models. The premier of these is LeadBuddy DUO, this Lightning Cable provides customers with a dual head charging cable for charging both android and iPhone devices from the one cable .

Sally Ringwald, an Amazon customer had this to say about the product

“This has been super handy as I travel a lot but don’t want to carry a bunch of chargers with me. It’s been on three trips already (and pretty much daily use in between) and it still feels super sturdy. It’s especially useful for the extra battery pack for my phone because now I only need one cable to charge the pack and then my phone. I’ve been looking for a cable like this for a long time. With third party cables, it’s always a tossup, but the LeadBuddy is the real deal. The packaging is nice and no hassle to open. The cable has really useful, soft silicone covers at both ends to protect the connections when you have it unplugged, and a silicone cable tie in the middle. Despite being soft, however, the silicone is sturdy and I don’t feel worried about accidentally tearing one of the covers or the tie”

LeadBuddy is the progressive innovator in the design, development and production of phone and electronic accessories for the world’s top-rated gadgets and technology. Including the production of connecting cables, cases and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets and smartphones LeadBuddy is founded upon its capacity to create and deliver high quality cellphone and digital accessories and products that meet customers’ needs in terms of functionality and protection .

LeadBuddy representative James Dunne says there are many people considering buying LeadBuddy and a lot of buzz around its benefits in the tech gadgets field. LeadBuddy is available on Amazon for a limited time at $12.97 instead of the normal retail price of $19.99

LeadBuddy Models also include the Pro iPhone 5 Charger Cable and the Elite Gold USB to Lightning Charging Cable

Further information is available on all their products at ipowerbuddy.com

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/PortablePhoneCharger


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